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Developer Update- 4/4/18

It has been a little bit over a week since version 11 of the Nano Node was released. Currently, around 45% of the network has been upgraded and is running the latest version.
We’ve been monitoring its rollout and working diligently with those reporting issues to diagnose, understand, test and patch bugs that were found. Our team would like to thank all users who have reported any issues they have faced to us, this engagement helps immensely to refine the Nano protocol.
Version 11 – patches and learnings
In version 11.2, found at, we have fixed an issue where a cached value was being ignored and when recalculated would cause the node to crash.
Also, work generation was moved outside of database transactions, which could cause large database sizes if work generation was very slow or there were a lot of wallet operations.
Universal Blocks were not the cause of any of these nor was their future rollout via canary block affected.
Exchange questions
Exchanges running nodes are a unique situation due to the scale at which they operate. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any technical questions exchanges may have and to offer full support in resolving any issues they are facing. When a problem arises and it is brought to our attention, our team dedicates full resources to solve the issue as quickly as possible.
Two things to keep in mind:
1) Due to the nature of some questions or issues that arise that are internal to the exchanges’ business or sensitive in their nature, we do not feel it is appropriate to comment on the issues they are facing and we feel it is best to let exchanges to provide updates as they see fit.
2) Many coins that are forks of bitcoin or are ERC-20 tokens have a standard API and integration that exchanges are very familiar with. Because Nano is not a derivative project, our node and API are unique and may experience issues that other coins’ nodes do not.
As a final note, our team would like to extend our thanks to the Binance team for their professionalism, time and dedication in resolving the wallet issues we recently faced. Our team was able to diagnose their problem and get a fix in place, resulting in minimal downtime.
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